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November 5, 2002
Well everyone, I have a short update here from Cory, the band just finished up their long cross-Canada tour, and here's what he had to say...
"We have a new bass player his name is marcus. We're in the studio finishing the last two songs for the new record it will be released late feb or march. the reaction to the new songs live on the tour was increadable people really got off on them so we're eager to get it out.

Sounds like things went well on the tour, and we all welcome the new bass player, and since I know he checks this, maybe he would like to offer some words on what he thinks of the band :)

I will be getting some cd's and other merch, which will be for sale through this site, so anyone interested let me know. I should have everything later this week, or next week, and I'll have an ordering page set up when I get it.

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