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March 14, 2003
Howdy all!
Little update here about the album and such.....

The album is finished and ready to go, look for the follow-up to 'Devil Rock Disco' to hit stores JUNE 24, and it will be titled 'Evilution'.
The first single from 'Evilution' will be 'Right On', and the single will be hitting Canadian radio April 14th. The guys were in Toronto at the end of February shooting the video for 'Right On' which will be released on MuchMusic shortly after the single's radio release.
Shocore will be premiering the album in the next couple weeks on The FOX here in Vancouver. When we have a date for that I'll let you know, and be sure to listen on the radio and online.

The band will be touring in support of the new album shortly after it's release, keep checking back for more updates on tour news.

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