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June 3, 2002
"Bonecracker" the trademark single of Vancouver rock act SHOCORE shows up on Canadian television again this week. The track will be used by TSN Sportscentre as part of their coverage of the Stanley Cup Finals and it also blares from the radio of a Ford truck in a regional campaign for Ford dealerships.

To date, the song has been used in television episodes of The Outer Limits and Smallville, in EA's video game ssx tricky, on the xbox compilation cd, by the CBC as part of their television coverage of Hockey Night In Canada, and as the theme song for several sports franchises and pro wrestlers.

SHOCORE's debut album, Devil Rock Disco was released in Canada late last year by Linus / Warner and is slated for European release this month by Bellaphon with "Bonecracker" pegged as the first single.