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June 3, 2002
The band is working hard in the studio, but I do have an update from the boys.
They have recorded 6 brand new songs and are in the midst of mixing them right now, when thatís done, itís off to the label to play the songs for them, and hopefully we will have a new album in the next couple months. Thereís also a special song being recorded, but Iím not sure if I can talk about it yet, so just keep checking for updates and the announcement.
In the next few weeks, backstage footage is going to added to the other site (, so keep an eye out for that. Iíll also be posting the link when the footage is up.
"Devil Rock Disco" is set to be released over in Europe at the end of the month through Bellaphon Records, which is based out of Germany. As over here, the first single over in Europe will be ĎBonecrackerí.
In the next couple weeks, we will also be getting some summer tour dates, so stay tuned for more info on those.

Check out this mini press release for some news about 'Bonecrakcer'.

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