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How it all began…

Near the end of 1999, a small band out of Vancouver called DDT, decided to let go of Cory White (due to directional difficulties), one of their two lead singers. The year before the split, Cory had helped Sho Murray [Shocore’s guitarist] produce a record for his band then called Nefro. They said that if the opportunity arose for the 2 of them to work together again in the future they would both like to do that, so as soon as the DDT thing ended for Cory, Sho dissolved Nefro and they went in to the studio.
The two guys just wanted to do something that they were going to be proud of and enjoy. It had to have rock and it had to have balls, which Cory says his former band had lost. That was most certainly accomplished with their new band.
Along with Cory and Sho, the band consists of, Steve Ericson (guitar), Paul Floyd (bass), Andy Simpson (drums), and Chon Chikara (samples). All of which either Sho or Cory had worked with before in the studio or in bands.


Shocore began the year as a little band no one had heard of yet, but by May of that year everyone in the city knew who they were.
May 12, 2001 – that was the bands first show ever. With the success of their first single already beginning to show, that first show was packed with eager fans wanting to see the first glimpse of the band live.

Throughout the next month the single was played on the radio and the band had begun playing regularily in and around Vancouver. By the end of June, they had caught the eyes (and ears) of the rest of the country.
June 29, 2001 – Shocore Sign with Linus Entertainment. The new label, which is distributed by Warner Music Canada, took the band and propelled them into the Canadian music scene.

July brought the band to their biggest show as of that point
July 28, 2001 – Shocore play SnowJam 2001 in Vancouver.

August brought another big step for the band.
August 12, 2001 – Shocore shoot their first video for the single “Bonecracker”. The video was finished and pushed for release the same day as their first album.

September 4, 2001 – Shocore’s first video and album are released. Early indications show that the band was big in Canada.
September also brought about their first trip to the East Coast, playing several shows in Ontario that month, then heading back home for the month of October.

In November the band expanding their touring schedule, hitting Ontario for a second time, as well as Alberta and the rest of BC.

In December, they began their first full-blown tour of Canada. Slowly they made their way from Vancouver, into the praries, and into Ontario again. After playing a couple shows in Ontario, it was back across the country for their journey back home. They ended that year with a New Years Show in Edmonton, Alberta.


Shocore started 2002 a little slower than usual, playing only one show at the end of January. Things soon picked up for them though.

February 2002
Their second video was shot for the single ‘Rudy’. Meanwhile, the first single, ‘Bonecracker’, was used on several TV shows, including the Outer Limits, and Smallville. ‘Bonecracker’ was also sent to US radio.
Two West Coast Music Award nominations came their way as well, for best live performers and best director for the ‘Bonecracker’ video.

March 2002
March brought the band out east again. They played many shows in and around Ontario before heading back home. For this tour, the band had a few new additions. Replacing Andy Simpson on the drums was Bob Wagner (ex-Econoline Crush, Twist), and also joining the band was Gabor Konyak on Samples, taking over for Chon Chikara. Another new addition was tour manager/soundman Ken Turta.

April 2002
The band began recording their second album.

May 2002
Shocore headlined this year’s CFOX Vancouver Seeds CD Release Party, being the most successful of the previous year’s winners.

June 2002
June proved to be a big month for the band.
By the end of the month, they had 6 new songs recorded and started mixing them. Also, their first album, “Devil Rock Disco”, was released in Europe by Bellaphon Records, and the first single exploded over there as it did here in Canada.

The summer was set mostly for recording but once September rolled around they were off on another tour which took them out to Ontario and back west in October. Over the 2 month tour they played a total of 34 shows across Canada.
One more change came to the Shocore line-up in October, bass player Paul Floyd was replaced by Marcus.

In December, the band finished up the new cd, which is set to be released early this year.


It's started off a little slow, but things are now starting to pick up.
After huge success with their first album 'Devil Rock Disco', Shocore is set to release their second album 'EVILUTION'. The release date is set for JUNE 24, and to coincide with the release the band is taking the party on the road. Celebrating the release of the album throughout BC.
The first single from the album 'Right On' hit the radio hard and is soon to become the summer hit of the year, you'll be blasting it in your car!

Once the album is out, touring will begin and you can expect to see the band everywhere, you can't escape it!