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August 23, 2001
Click Here to pre-order Shocore's new cd at HMV, and when you pre-order, you'll recieve an autographed poster, as well as some other things.
Starting September 5th, east coast fans will be able to check out Shocore, go to the tour section for details.

August 15, 2001
Edgefest goes this weekend, be sure to get down there early, Shocore will be up at about 2:30 pm (gates @ 2pm). Then on the 23rd, they will be playing in Burnaby outside Metrotown Mall.
Tour dates for some east coast shows up in the tour section.
On September 10th, Sho will be appearing on 'Off The Record' on TSN.

August 9, 2001
Shocore will be filming their first video, for the single "Bonecracker". If you would like to be in it, click here for all the info.
Shocore are also up again this week for voting at Power 97, please go and vote for them.

August 1, 2001
For the past two weeks, Shocore have been successful in the voting on Power 97 in Winnipeg. They are up again this week, so be sure to support them.
This Friday, The band will be playing at the Skate Space competition up at Whistler Skate Park. The show is free, so try and make it up there if you can.

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